2017-10-14 bob mertno pkg-config master
2017-02-27 Kaho NgFix API
2017-02-27 Kaho NgBump lwext4
2016-11-21 Kaho NgBump lwext4
2016-06-21 Kaho NgBump lwext4
2016-06-21 Kaho Ngop_init, op_destroy: fix return value checking
2016-06-21 Kaho Ngop_xattr: fix building breakage in Linux
2016-06-21 Kaho NgAdd ea-test.sh utility
2016-06-08 Kaho NgCode cleanups to help build on OS X
2016-06-07 Kaho NgBump lwext4
2016-05-16 Kaho NgBump lwext4
2016-05-14 Kaho Ngop_xattr: fix wrong detection on extended attribute.
2016-05-06 Kaho Ngops.h: eliminate type conversion with different size...
2016-05-06 Kaho NgREADME.md: add "Usage" and "Options" to the document.
2016-05-06 Kaho NgMakefile: improvements land to support more than one...
2016-05-06 Kaho NgMakefile: track changes in lwext4/include/
2016-05-06 Kaho NgRemove test/ as there are many tools that do the same...
2016-05-06 Kaho NgBump lwext4.
2016-04-12 Kaho NgBump lwext4.
2016-03-20 rootBump lwext4.
2016-02-27 rootBump lwext4.
2016-02-18 rootBump lwext4.
2016-02-18 rootBump lwext4.
2016-02-14 ngkaho1234Revert "Disable single-threaded mode for FUSE."
2016-02-13 rootImprove error case handling.
2016-02-13 rootDisable single-threaded mode for FUSE.
2016-02-13 rootRefine function prototypes.
2016-02-12 rootacl: ACL gets reworked. acl_rework
2016-02-07 rootBump lwext4.
2016-01-30 rootSet read_only parameter to false by default.
2016-01-29 ngkaho1234Give specific LWEXT4_ macro to master branch.
2016-01-29 ngkaho1234Build system and flags rework.
2016-01-28 ngkaho1234Add marco LWEXT4_ERRNO to handle lwext4-specific errno.
2016-01-28 ngkaho1234Move error handling code to lwext4.h.
2016-01-28 rootSet change time upon file/directory creation.
2016-01-28 rootMake: Remove lwext4-specific CFLAGS.
2016-01-23 rootMove debug option handling code to op_init.c
2016-01-23 rootAdd journal and cache options.
2016-01-23 rootrename e4f structure to fuse_lwext4_options.
2016-01-22 ngkaho1234Bump lwext4.
2015-12-20 rootRevert "ops: use fh_old instead of fh of fuse_file_info."
2015-12-20 rootRevert "ops: fix cast involving different type size."
2015-12-19 rootuse $(shell pwd) instead of $(PWD) to get the current...
2015-12-19 rootRemove useless files under test/ directory.
2015-12-19 rootFix wrong default PREFIX in Makefile
2015-12-18 rootops: fix cast involving different type size.
2015-12-18 rootFix wrong indentation.
2015-12-18 ngkaho1234ops: use fh_old instead of fh of fuse_file_info.
2015-12-18 ngkaho1234Convert spaces to tab for indentation.
2015-12-18 ngkaho1234Bump lwext4.
2015-12-17 ngkaho1234ext4_journal: add comments to the code part 3.
2015-12-11 rootFix volume not mounting.
2015-12-08 rootBump lwext4.
2015-11-23 rootBump lwext4.
2015-11-09 ngkaho1234Bump lwext4
2015-10-29 ngkaho1234Refine support on FreeBSD.
2015-10-29 ngkaho1234Return only lower 16bit of inode checksum if inode_size...
2015-10-28 rootAdd option --debug
2015-10-27 ngkaho1234Forcibly run the driver in single-threaded mode.
2015-10-27 ngkaho1234change blockdev.c to blockdev.o in Makefile.
2015-10-27 rootFIX: Inode & block bitmap checksums is not assigned...
2015-10-26 rootAdd warranty notice.
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234We should not use gmake actually...
2015-10-11 ngkaho12341. Use cc/c++ instead of gcc/g++
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234FIX: README.me not creating a new line (2)
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234FIX: README.me not creating a new line
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234FIX: \# instead of #
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234FIX: broken README.md highlight. :-D
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234ext4fuse-lwext4 rename to fuse-lwext4.
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234Fix compiler warning.
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234Fix compiler warning.
2015-10-11 ngkaho1234Initial utimens supports.
2015-10-11 root.gitmodules settings changed.
2015-10-10 ngkaho1234Sync lwext4.
2015-10-09 ngkaho1234Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ngkaho1234...
2015-10-09 ngkaho1234Experimental EA supports.
2015-10-06 rootMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ngkaho1234...
2015-10-06 rootSync lwext4
2015-10-05 ngkaho1234ext4_fs_set_xattr, ext4_fs_get_xattr and ext4_fs_remove...
2015-10-04 ngkaho1234ext4_xattr_write_to_disk protocal added.
2015-09-30 rootInitial statfs() support.
2015-09-29 mesync lwext4.
2015-09-29 rootthe directory pointer should be better reset after...
2015-09-29 ngkaho1234__S_IFMT -> S_IFMT
2015-09-28 rootBoth flat image and block device are supported now.
2015-09-28 ngkaho1234sync lwext4.
2015-09-27 ngkaho1234FIX: an extra block is freed when truncating an inode.
2015-09-24 rootremove file_expect argument from those ext4_fopen2...
2015-09-24 ngkaho1234EXT4_MP_LOCK should be implemented as recursive mutex...
2015-09-23 rootext4_open_all -> removed.
2015-09-23 ngkaho1234lwext4 now is one of the submodule of ext4fuse-lwext4.
2015-09-23 ngkaho1234FIX: lwext4 folder is a symbolic link.
2015-09-22 rootlwext4 moved out of the repo.
2015-09-20 rootext4_dir_dx_reset_parent_inode proposed.
2015-09-20 rootThe build process of liblwext4.a being refined.
2015-09-20 rootFIX: 'make install' being the subtitle...
2015-09-19 System Administratorph_bcnt not correctly set.
2015-09-19 meOS X support added.
2015-09-19 rootREADME.md rewritten.
2015-09-19 rootCopyright notice being changed.
This page took 0.048095 seconds and 4 git commands to generate. Download a nemesis OSX (sierra+high sierra, tested/working) binary, with fuse-ext3 via e2fsprogs, at this link. application and installer are signed by screwjack, llc. must install fuse with macFUSE layer first.