descriptione2fsprogs and osx/ FUSE support, works with sierra
ownerabner doubleday <>
last changeSun, 15 Oct 2017 15:48:24 +0000 (08:48 -0700)
2017-10-15 bob mertbinary at master
2017-09-07 Damien Guibouretlibext2fs: remove useless test and assignment in strtoh...
2017-09-07 Theodore Ts'omke2fs.conf: enable metadata_csum by default
2017-09-07 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
2017-09-07 Theodore Ts'odebian: replace priority: extra with priority: optional
2017-09-06 Theodore Ts'oe2fsck, libext2fs: add checks for insanely large file...
2017-09-04 Theodore Ts'odebian: promote e2fsprogs-l10n from suggests to recommends
2017-09-04 Theodore Ts'odebian: remove zsh30-static recommendation from package...
2017-09-04 Theodore Ts'odebian: clean up conditional fuse2fs pacakge build...
2017-09-04 Theodore Ts'odebian: make e2fsprogs-l10n be arch:all
2017-08-30 Andreas Dilgertests: report if a test is taking a long time
2017-08-30 Andreas Dilgertune2fs: quiet llvm build warning
2017-08-29 Theodore Ts'oFix Debian packaging warnings for the 1.43.6 release
2017-08-29 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
2017-08-29 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.43.6 release
2017-08-29 Matthias AndreeSearch for GNU-compatible dd for self-tests.
3 years ago master
This page took 0.093549 seconds and 6 git commands to generate. Download a nemesis OSX (sierra+high sierra, tested/working) binary, with fuse-ext3 via e2fsprogs, at this link. application and installer are signed by screwjack, llc. must install fuse with macFUSE layer first.